Specialised clinics

Our passion for eyecare, and its developments, allows us to offer a range of specialised services. If you would like any more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

contact lenses

Contact lenses

Whatever your reason for contact lenses, we have the perfect lenses for you. As an independent optician we have no affiliation to any manufacturers therefore we promise to supply the optimum lenses for your needs.

Our priority is the health and comfort of your eyes and we reinforce this with our comprehensive initial assessment and then our exceptional continued care via one of our direct debit eye care plans.


Myopia management

As one of the first opticians to practice myopia management we have the experience and expertise to guide you, and your child, through their myopia progression.

High levels of myopia increase the risk of developing a range of ocular diseases. We can slow myopic progression by up to 60% with spectacles or contact lenses.

Visual stress

Visual stress consultations

This consultation investigates the ability to read and process visual information. By establishing an optimal, individualised colour we may increase your reading ability by 25% or more. This could be the start of a more productive and enjoyable era of reading and learning.

If you have any concerns about yourself or your child, you will not regret having a consultation.

Children's eyecare

Children’s eyecare and eyewear

We are regarded as one of the best children’s opticians and have adapted eye examinations to make them more enjoyable for children. We provide children’s frame styling as frame fit, style and wow appeal is equally important for kids.

We specialise in contact lenses for children and fit from as young as five years old.


Independent prescribing

Our team of optometrists are IP qualified (or in training). This means we can clinically assess you, establish a diagnosis, determine the clinical management required and they prescribe for any conditions affecting the eye or surrounding tissues.

This allows us to manage a range of eye conditions in practice, so you don't need to be referred to hospital.



Our OCT is an advanced eye scan for people of all ages and can detect eye conditions up to four years in advance of a ‘normal’ eye examination.

This fantastic tool allows us to diagnose, monitor and treat your eyes. The OCT scan is not included within an NHS eye examination and incurs a private fee of £40, however we feel this is money well spent.