Visual stress and dyslexia clinics

Our specialist clinics could be the breakthrough your child needs to aid their reading and learning potential.

A visual stress consultation investigates the fundamental functions of the eye and visual processing which enables us to read and process visual information.

As with the ethos of Downes Opticians we provide this service with a lot of enthusiasm, fun and vigour. There are two main components of a consultation:

  1. A full binocular vision assessment (how the two eyes work together). This will detect any elements of visual stress which could be contributing to the instability of the eyes when reading. If any abnormalities are detected a series of exercises will be given to improve/rectify the problem.
  2. Meares – Irlen assessment. Meares-Irlen syndrome is the name given to individuals who are helped with the use of coloured overlays.

The difference in reading ability with an optimal coloured overlay can be phenomenal, in the majority of cases we see an improvement in reading speed of up to 25% and often greater, not to mention the improvement in fluidity and concentration.

A full report of the findings is issued for all interested parties; teachers, educational psychologists etc. If Meares-Irlen syndrome is diagnosed then further investigations can establish the optimal colour for tinted spectacles and the background colour for computers.

If you have any concerns about yourself or your child you will not regret having a consultation. It could well be the start of a more productive and overall more enjoyable era of reading and learning.

The cost of the consultation process is £45 which includes the initial assessment, supply of the optimum overlay(s) and a valuation assessment at the end of a trial period.