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This is our opportunity to wax a little lyrical (like we haven’t already!) and to tell you all about us as a company and about our ethics, which is a really big part of what we do and why. 

If you’ve already read our charity page, then you’ll probably have some understanding of how we operate, but this is how we work in Practice!


We are extremely proud to be nestled in the heart of Leith and one of the many benefits afforded to us by our location is our incredibly diverse patient base.

As a local independent optician we are exceptionally privileged to have a far reaching client base that covers many parts of Edinburgh and beyond.


Okay, so we like to have fun!


We are at work a long time, because we are such a dedicated bunch! So it’s important for us to have a good time and definitely make the most of it!

That isn’t to say we aren’t professional-we are very proud of our eye examinations, dispensing and well, the whole journey in-between. We do purposely aim for a more relaxed and informal experience.


At Downes And we like to be fair!


After a warm welcome to all, it’s time to relax on our comfy sofas with a complimentary coffee (tea or hot chocolate!) before going through for your eye examination. Our thorough examination with cutting edge technology will provide honest advice and explanations throughout and at the conclusion if you need glasses or an update in prescription, we’ll let you know. If there is no change or you simply don’t need a correction, then we’ll let you know that too!


If you do need new spectacles, then our fair ethos again comes into play. We house a whole host of frames starting from free up to around £300 and everywhere in between. Through the course of your dispense you will be given truthful advice regarding style, colour and suitability, with the emphasis on appropriate frame choice not how much you spend.




We are all passionate about our individual roles, which leads to us all being part of a great team.

We are in the very privileged position of loving what we do and we certainly aim to make the most of it. At the risk of sounding slightly (very?) smug, when you are good at what you do it allows you to relax and have a little fun with it.




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