Free Upgrade – just ask!

Free Upgrade – just ask!

Finally a promotion that everyone can benefit from!

Because we value our customers and their loyalty so much we would like to give a little thank you in return for supporting our local, family business.

There is a little something for everyone.

Varifocal wearers – we are offering the top range varifocal utilising the most cutting edge design to maximise all your desired areas of vision for the price our mid price varifocal.

Higher prescriptions – we will upgrade you to the optimal thinnest lens for your prescription, at no extra cost, allowing you the thinnest, lightest, reduced magnification/minification lens for your needs. You will also benefit from the best lens coating options on the market.

Reading or Distance spectacles – If you’re lucky enough not to require a thinner lens then we will supply you with the premium coatings on your lenses for free – choose from Super anti – reflective, blue light coating or the amazing Road Clear coating allowing enhanced night time during vision.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch to see how we can give you that little something back, as a heart felt thank you.

*Terms and conditions apply, please get in touch for more information.