Clare Downes is the founder of Equal Sight charity. This charity, founded in 2010 aims to provide homeless and vulnerable people with good quality eye care.

These minority groups are often disinclined to visit high street opticians, not feeling particularly comfortable in the environment or frightened of costs etc.

Equal Sight provides comprehensive eye examinations and spectacles completely free of charge in an environment where the individual can feel safe, comfortable and understood.

Equal Sight operates from the Edinburgh Access Practice, 20 Cowgate, Edinburgh.

If you would like to assist in any way with this charitable service in anyway please do not hesitate to contact us at the Practice.





Vision Aid Overseas is a charity providing eye care and spectacles to the most needy in the third world.

Clare has been actively involved with this charity since 2004, which sends teams of volunteer Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians to the poorest countries to provide eye examinations and spectacles.

Over 300 million people are believed to be blind in the third world due to the lack of spectacles. In Africa there are few, if any, Opticians and if eye care is available it is only for the very wealthy.

Clare has volunteered on two projects to Ethiopia and on each project helped give over 2000 people the gift of sight. Donated spectacles are sorted, upgraded and packaged and once matched to their new owner provide a life changing experience to someone in the third world.

If you would like to donate your old spectacles or make a monitory donation Clare will be delighted to receive these at the practice to allow the continuation of this invaluable work.

To view the works of Vision Aid Overseas please view the website:




We want to put back. We want to reinvest some of our time and money into giving others a helping hand. A little can go such a long way.


We believe in giving back to the community. Leith has a strong community spirit and we are pleased to be a part of that, as an independent local optician.

If you see Leith Athletic under 14’s playing a match, look a little closer and you’ll see our name on their strip. Leith Athletic are our chosen sponsorship and have been for the last 2 years and hopefully for many more to come. It’s incredibly difficult for small clubs to gain sponsorship and funding. It is never easy to come by, yet it makes such a huge difference to the club, how it is able to operate and also ultimately to the team spirit. So, if you see our boys playing a match, keep your fingers crossed that they are winning!

A generous donation is made every year to the Dudley Bowling Club, Leith. In doing so we hope to help preserve an age old tradition and sport. It’s all about supporting our Leith community in their activities and interests.




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