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Vision Aid Overseas – Eyecare for the Third World

Vision Aid Overseas is a charity providing eye care and spectacles to the most needy in the third world.

Clare has been actively involved with this charity since 2004. She has volunteered on two projects to Ethiopia and on each project helped give over 2000 people the gift of sight.

Spectacles donated by you are repaired, upgraded and then after the eye examination, matched to the individual. For someone with no Optometrist or even spectacles available to them, this provides a life changing experience.

We are delighted to receive your donated spectacles to allow the continuation of this invaluable work. We are also happy to accept donations for the charity.

Vision Aid Overseas website >>

Eyecare for the Homeless & Vulnerable

Clare has previously provided free eye care for the Homeless and vulnerable in a friendly, caring and approachable environment via the TAP clinic in the Cowgate.

Presently we are hoping to provide this service via the wonderful charity Social Bite and the innovative Social Bite Village.

Social Bite Villages website >>

We want to put back. We want to reinvest some of our time and money into giving others a helping hand. A little can go such a long way.

Would you like to donate your old spectacles? We can reuse them and help thousands of people across the world with their sight.

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