Children’s specialist eyecare

We are known as one of Edinburgh’s best children’s opticians with regular referrals from hospitals, GP’s and Teachers alike.

It is every parents wish to give their child the best start in life. Your child’s ocular development plays a large part in your child’s overall development. Good eyesight allows for better learning potential, maximum concentration and it can directly affect children’s ability in sports and leisure pursuits.

We love our young patients to have an enjoyable time therefore we have altered many aspects of the eye examination and turned them into fun games to play. Our fun but thorough eye examination will detect any visual concerns as well as fully investigate the health of their eyes. Our eye examinations are fully funded by the NHS as are many of our vast choice of fabulous children’s frames.

We also specialise in contact lenses for children and fit from as young as 5 years old either for full time wear, part time wear to aid sporting or leisure pursuits and our specialist myopia management lenses.